My Journey Here

I started doing digital art and Graphic Design a year ago when I started streaming on I mostly streamed myself doing different art projects for myself or for clients/viewers. I loved streaming! Recently I’ve taken some time off to focus on improving my skills with design and reaching for a more professional approach in my work. My goal is to confidently work with more brands and companies as opposed to the artwork I was doing for streamers and gamers. Since I’m a self-taught designer I keep feeling like I’m missing some of the technical training that would make me flourish and excel in my work and business. So I’m here and I’m ready to dive in!

I made this portrait a few months ago for my twitch channel. My viewers and I wanted to make it personal and fun so I incorporated some of my running themes in my streams. I love baking cookies and did a few baking streams so I wanted to include that. My favorite shirt I own has a ton of bananas and I bought it in China when I lived there so I wanted to include that as well. My vision is that the Banana also doubled as a crescent moon like the Dreamworks logo of the boy fishing off of the moon. I made dreamy clouds and stars to emphasize it was a moon but a lot of people still took the banana the wrong way! I don’t care though, I love my banana moon so I kept it. 😛 I made the other edits today to include in this post.


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