Moodle – Your Digital Closet

Moodle. Your Digital Closet.

Hang up your presentaions.

Place tools and resources each on their own shelf readily available for both students and teachers to use.

Tuck all those forum questions and detailed information away in their rightful drawers so they’re not cluttering the space until someone needs that specific information.

Above is my final illustration depicting how I see Moodle and what it functions as. In my mind map below you can see where I’ve brainstormed to develop how I felt about Moodle and what concept it could correlate with.

I started with making the list of words on the left to get a feel for how I would describe Moodle and what the purpose of it is. I saw it as very functional. Structured. Minimalist. A way to organize things and compartmentalize information so if any person needs to go revisit a subject or instruction they can easily find it and do so.
You can see how my thought process shifted and explored as I started at the left side of the paper to the right. I thought of a lot of ideas for a catchy animation but it took me a while to land on a theme I felt captured what Moodle is all about and ending up sitting on the closet idea. 🙂

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