#3. Problem Solving: Teaspoon and Rice Package

We were instructed to use the scamper method to come up with a new concept for a Teaspoon and adjust the average Rice Package into something more creative.

Teaspoon: I eliminated the depth of the spoon so it would all be flat- similar to a paddle of sorts. I thought this would be great for spreading mayo, peanut butter, butter, jam etc. Sometimes the angle of a knife doesn’t work so well with spreading and you often get something sticky on your hand. This flat spoon/spreader would fix that.

Rice Package: I thought to substitute the idea of a normal bag of rice and replace it with a large plastic container with a screw on lid. The problems with the average rice packages is that bags are hard to reseal, can easily break, there are concerns with how fresh the product can be over time in the back AND it can be difficult to scoop without making a mess.


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