Expressing Meaning

Create a new word; one which has no dictionary definition and a meaning that only you know. For example the word we came up with is “roleean”, it doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but it means “round and leaning to the left”. You could decide on your own word with its own meaning. With regard to our new word “roleean” this might involve emphasizing or dramatically enlarging the letter “o” within the word, and using italics, allowing the letter to lean to the side.

My word I created was “Swintage.” A mix between Swirl and Vintage. I swirled this vintage font and played with using paths and text.

Inspect was the second word I chose. I made it into glasses as a person inspecting something often is wearing spectacles and needs to see clearly.

I picked accelerate for my last word. I made the shape into a rocket launching downward and changed the A at the beginning and the E at then end to capture the shape of the rocket better. I stretched out the E to look like flames or smoke.


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