Gig Poster

Design a poster for a band’s gig. The band is called: “The Keystrokes”. You can decide the name of the band’s tour and remember to include a date, a time and a venue. You can use visuals and/or typography to design the poster and remember to make the type work with the rest of the design. Show us your type skills in this one. Use an A3 format at 297 x 420mm

I wanted this to be very vibrant and stand out. I used black and white like keys on a piano. I used good contrast for readability. I like what I did with the type by stacking it vertically and using different colors, shadows, and blocks behind to make the words pop even more. I really enjoy using rays and lines draw the eye towards the type even more.

I liked what I did for the poster so much that I really wanted to stick with that composition. I thought these would make incredible stickers. Stylish, vibing, and advertising all at the same time. I thought this could even end up being a really cool album cover.


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