Color Effects in Photoshop

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing with these colors and edits. I used a pic from FreePik which I have a monthly subscription to. My favorite is probably the monochromatic one. I love how deep the red color ended up and with the adjusted levels for the contrast and I liked how her smile just popped. I enjoyed playing around with the overlays as well. The gradients for the free edit had so many different small details I look forward to playing around with.

original photo

For the flourescent duotone I made a black and white layer, changed levels for more contrast, then added the two solid color layers and adjusted opacity of them.

flourescent duotone

For the monochrome I made a black and white layer, adjusted levels a bit, then added a deep brick solid color with the overlay called: Overlay.


For the split tone I followed the same steps for the duotone just excluding the black and white layer. Looking back now I wish I added a little more orange just because it is skin and I like warmer toned skin.

split tone

For the free edit I used the gradient fill and played around with it. I used the diamond edit with a purple gradient layer and reversed it. Then I added the soft light overlay.

free edit.

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