Book Cover

Design a book cover for “Animal Farm” by George Orwell: use analogous colours with a contrasting accent to express disagreement and discontent.

  • The book cover must contain the title and the author’s name.
  • You must clearly make use of colour to express the desired effects.

I used red, brown, dark yellow analogous hues with a blue accent color to contrast it and show the disagreement and that t was discontent. The red almost clay-like background I thought came into very high contrast with the blue water like color and texture. Like desert meets water. I chose this font because it looked like water or liquid that was drippy and I actually placed a water patter on the font to give it that extra effect. As I look at it now, I wonder if I would have liked a little more contrast by making either the orange hues a little lighter or the font a little brighter and slightly more teal colored. But overall I liked the classic feels that this book had. When I read I like paper books and the more rustic and used they look the more I like it usually. This is definitely a book I would personally look at and read the summary to see if I wanted to pick it up.


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