The instagram logo is a simple symbol. The colors are a gradient and are very bright and playful which might draw people that are friendly or outgoing, and because it’s shaped like a camera it captures the idea that Instagram is all about sharing photos to connect with others.

The Mercedes Benz logo is classy, sleek, and sharp. It is a quite simple design overall so that might suggest that their brand focuses more on efficiency and being classic versus having a lot of flare. It’s a symbol logo.

The 3 colors used in the Mastercard logo are warm and strong. The overlapping is a blending of some sort. Like how yellow and red combined make orange, it shows how versatile the card can be for many outcomes and benefits. It’s a symbol combined with a wordmark. The wordmark is all lower-case letters with a cute round look to them. Kind of childlike. I think it’s showing that even very simple people can use this and that you don’t have to have a lot of money.

iPhone Brand Identity

iPhone’s brand identity exactly as I see it: I think iPhone products are sleek and modern. I believe their technology to be very advanced and they are driven to produce fresh and efficient products and software at extremely fast rates. There is always something new being developed just around the corner. I think they are reliable and have a lot of resources and apps that are incredibly helpful and user friendly. They seem to squeeze every ounce of money they can from people and the iPhone culture is very much one of always having to have the best, new thing right as it comes out no matter the cost. I don’t believe this to be environmentally friendly or economy friendly. I think it fuels a life vision to never be satisfied enough with the things that you have. However, specifically speaking of the technology and products iPhone offers, I trust that the product will be consistent, high tech, modern, and user friendly.

The positioning of the iPhone brand seems to target those who like to feel important, who like to feel like they have the best of the best and are luxorious and those wanting to have the exclusive technology and resources that iPhone offers. People who have money or want to look like they have a lot of money.

I think the strategy for this specific product was to innovate and create technology that wasn’t accessible to the public anywhere else. Starting at ground level by having Steve Jobs ask engineers to look into touch screens since it wasn’t really available on the market yet. iPhone’s strategy is to always offer the newest tech available and consumers know this so they will happily pay more and dump their older devices even if they worked perfectly fine.

How does the visual element of the iPhone logo fit with the brand identity?

My original thoughts are that apples are predictable. If you like apples, then you’ll like just about any apple you pick up as long as it’s ripe. You know what you’re getting. It’s reliable.

I see the bite out of the apple as something that shows…

1. There are so many ideas and developments out there if we only take a bite into it and dive deeper.

2. The iPhone so far has only scratched the surface and only taken a bite and there are still unlimited amounts of resources to consume

3. iPhone is tasty and every consumer should try it, because once you take a bite, you are hooked.

How minimalist it is shows that its classy and smooth. Many versions of the logo are very glossy, gold, or other elegant colors to represent just how luxorious and sleek iPhones are. It is often reflective and flashy.

Most of all, iPhones are very easily recognizable and well known. Just the fact that the whole world knows apple and how expensive their products are gives the logo value outside of its design that states that the person with the iPhone has money, resources, and like luxury.


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