Understanding Ideals- H&M

What brand identity element are they using in their logo?

What do you think their brand ideal is?

How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?

Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal. 

The brand identity element that they use is their H&M logo. I wrote out a lit of what their brand ideals were in my eyes: trendy/stylish, inexpensive/sales, many options/variety, freshness, freedom to be you and dress how you want. I then researched what they wrote as their brand ideals: open-minded, straight forward, fashion + quality at the best price possible, flexible assortment of latest trends, they believe in and care about people. I agree with what they wrote and see many similarities between what I wrote and what they have announced their brand ideals to be.

They had a sign “Husk å holde avstand” displayed at the front to remind people to be cautious and that they are a store that believes in people and cares about people. They had a lot of sales going on and the prices were affordable as always. They had a large variety of products of decent quality. The clothing was a large range from very simple classic pieces to very trendy, straight-forward pieces. Fresh clothes and styles.

The customer experience fits the brand ideals well. I have been to H&M many times over the years and they are always consistent in making the customer experience like this.

The visual display of the products fits well for them. They section off areas with grouping a certain style of clothes all in one place. The sales are all together. The accessories are all together. Each area has a wide assortment of products at very reasonable prices. Each area has clother and outfits displayed on mannequins and on the wall to show how different items can be played around with and used to accent other parts of the outfits. It’s easy to navigate around the store. Overall great visual display that matches their brand ideals.


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