My Personal Logo

I’m not sure if I like it better with the sun and mountains or without. I’m leaning towards without because it’s a lot simpler. My brand words are Brave, Dynamic, Instinctive, Sincere, and Thoughtful. I feel like this captures that. I chose the sun and mountains because I grew up in Utah where there are beautiful orange canyons and landscapes and the sun is always shining. I love sunshine and I want to spread sunshine wherever I go. I think Ill keep the plain version when written out but will use the sunshine logo if I go for the smaller one. I explained why I chose these colors in my previous post but I just feel like it captures me. 🙂


One thought on “My Personal Logo

  1. schik13797razor says:

    You are so extremely talented, and I love how creative your mind is. Never stop being you and showing the world how amazing you are.


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