The Development of the Camera

I chose to do research on Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and explain a little bit about how his technique for photography, The Daguerreotype, influenced how our photography works today. I watched the video below to get a visual idea of how his process worked and how he used chemicals and a light-proof box to capture iconic moments in time.

It starts with a silver-coated copper plate that’s buffed to be like a mirror. It’s dipped into iodine and bromide which makes the plate sensitive to light. After the camera is set up the silver plate is slid into the box and the cap is taken off to let the light exposure in. A series of liquids and chemicals is then poured over it to seal the image and heat is also applied.

How I see this technique influenced modern photography is, other than a mirror to flip the image back to it’s original view, it is very similar to the simple concept of how light passes through a small opening into a light-sealed box and captured, which is how all camera capture images.

Daguerre made a deal with the French government so his technique became accessible worldwide. Americans embraced this new photography. Many different inventors followed suit to revise his technique and make it even more accessible and better quality. Our photography today is the same thing, just reformed and with our modern technology added to it. I also used the article below for more information on him.


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