Development of Camera Question 2

1.Front/top of camera buttons:

  • AF = Auto Focus
  • Drive. Only available in photo mode. Single shooting, self-timer, high speed continuous
  • ISO- light level
  • Metering
  • Night light bulb
  • Auto-focus, auto-selection
  • Shutter-release
  • Wheel, for scrolling
  • Infrared sensor
  • Remote sensor
  • Mic
  • Depth of field preview
  • button to exchange lenses
  • dial functions wheel: bulb, manual function, Av(aperature-Fstop), Tv(shutter priority, shutter speed), P(Program AE, automatic settings), A+(intellegnet auto), CA(creative auto, images with specific ambience), SCN(choose your scene set up), C”p, C1p( 2 presets you use often

2. Back of camera:

  • Auto Focus on
  • on/off button
  • Menu
  • Touch screen
  • Info. screen or leveler, more info on the pic or vid
  • Delete
  • play
  • search to go to last pic
  • lock
  • start/stop
  • open screen for vlogging or selfies
  • hot-shoe attatchment to add speed light, flash, mic
  • optical eyepiece
  • diopter
  • video mode to photo mode
  • live view mode- can adjust focus and exposure before taking pics
  • AE lock button
  • Autofocus point button
  • Scroll wheel- changes F stop and scroll through photos/options
  • set button is select
  • q button- menu settings

3. How to set ISO:

  • click ISO button on top right of camera. Set ISO with the wheel. Bright light, slower speed film, lower iso. Dark, high ISO/speed film.
  • Low ISO=great shadows, very clear, dynamic range. High ISO more grain, less range, muted colors
  • Moving object may need higher ISO especially if not as light outside.
  • Be careful using higher ISO. Be aware of exposure.

4. How to change aperture:

Scroll with the large wheel on back of camera around the SET button.

5. How to set Shutter speed

Fast shutter speed- moving things. Sports, animals.

Slow shutter speed- stable objects.

Waterfall: blurred water by using slow shutter speed. Crisp frozen water by using fast shutter speed.


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