Get the basics right pt 2

10 good websites Great dsign, easy to use, clean, minimalist, good for target audience, email chain, directs customers to courses, orgnanized great layout, easy to navigate, organized, all the right contact buttons, great usage of elements offers products easily, engaging, stays with brand identity, meets purpose of selling unique design, memrable, stands out from competitors, engaging easy to navigate, nice accent colors, lots of information organized, lots of fun pictures meets the point for target audience great clean design, easy to navigate great colors, interesting logo and element usage, memorable, brand is open about mission

calming, easy to use, simplicity like cafe brands often are easy to use, adaptive, vibrant, appeals to target, brings sales

10 bad websites

layout not appealing. information not exciting. Point of website not known. bad design, not clean, wordy, messy bad colors, wordy, crazy, disorganized awful color use, text size bad, information is not engaging whatsoever awful color choices, unreadble font colors, bad layout, bad pictures very boring and unprofessional bad colors, bad layout, no mission found easily way too chaotic and overwhelming so many desings goiung at once, bad contrast, too many colors bad colors, messy, hurts eyes, no mission found, too much going on

CONCLUSION: a good website needs to have a mix of being artistic and engaging in some way and being simple, easy to navigate, purposeful, and be able to direct a customer in a relaxing way that makes the reader want to keep scrolling or click on the what they are looking for easily. Colors are extremely important and layout of information, typography, and how much info to include in a block is all very important to how a website feels to a customer. The most important things is that the customer is able to get to the purpose of the website overall. Inform, sell, or share.. whatever the company benefits from how the customer uses the site.. it should be a clear path for the customer to accomplish that goal and be very accommodating in a tasteful way to the viewer in a way that truly represents the brand identity.


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