5 Web Pages

I chose to use Lofoten for my website pages.

Step one of making a website is to establish goals. Mine was to share information about Lofoten and get the viewer to want to plan a trip here.

Step two: Who is your audience? I was thinking travelers and photographers between the ages of 20-40 who love being outdoors, seeing majestic views, and enjoying nature, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Likely people who enjoy design and photography.

Step three: Brand. I made a list of things the brand represents..

Authentic. Adventurous. Invigorating. Down to earth. They want to share authentic Lofoten with these viewers and show them how amazing it is.

Step four: Solve the problem. The problem here is that people might not be inclined to visit Lofoten because there is a lot planning and uncertainty about what it is and if the sites are good enough. My web pages solve this by making it very clear that Lofoten has wonderful views, where to stay, when to come, and helps the customer make a plan to visit.

Step five: I would use google analytics to see what is clicked on and how successful

Then i can do step 6 and make updates.


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