Lesson Task- Studio lighting

3 Lighting sources and their functions

  1. Flat light- when you have your light source facing directly at the front of your subject. No shadows on face
  2. 2. Split light- side lighting that hits the face at a 90 degree angle. Look tough and masculine
  3. Backlight- light comes from behind. You can get a semi sillhouette and focueses heavily on the atmosphere and light

name 2 light modifiers and the difference between them:

  1. Light Shapers which are devices that bend light into particular forms. They fit over studio lights to allow for more control over the size and direction of light.
  2. Bouncers, Reflectors, and Absorbers are used when you need to minimize shadows, turn to reflector boards and reflecting umbrella lights. These accessories bounce light off surfaces, softening, diffusing, or redirecting it.

Lighting for portrait, fashion, and beauty shots

the backlight comes from an angle behind, key light an angle from the front, and the fill light a farther light source that adds a softer addition of lighting to the front side
for a portrait you could use: 2 strobes, 2 lightstands, 2 20-inch softboxes. The key light would be above the person at a 45 degree angle for a basic loop setup. A second light should be in the lower postition to the other side of the model. reduce its power to about half of the key light
beauty lighting setup

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