Lesson Task- Market your website

1. Do some research on what advertising costs. You could for instance contact your local newspaper, print shop and other websites.


The above link I found shows the average pricing for facebook ads. I think facebook is a great way to touch base with all types of people and while browsing people are very likely to have time to click and check out any links or ads that catch their eye.

A list of how to market the website:

  1. I would create the ads for the different platforms. Maybe even a video.
  2. Do proper research on the SEO and how to optimize my website coming up in search with tags.
  3. Be consistent in posting and have a trustworthy profile with credibility that interacts with possible customers.
  4. I would use facebook ads, instagram sponsored posts, and target a few travel blogs to have ads on those sites.

What if you had double the budget? Come up with a second marketing strategy, this time with NOK 20 000 at your disposal. (3600 $ US)

  1. ad in youtube ads
  2. be even more involved with sponsors, facebook ads, insta ads, and blog ads
  3. Review every few days which ads are working best and getting most website views and make the adjustments accordingly

Come up with a viral idea. It doesn’t have to be a video; it can be guys dancing at the airport in gorilla suits. You can use ANYTHING that is at your disposal. Be creative!

I love food. My eye is always caught when watching a video about food. I imagine a shot where the camera is on a guy sitting on the best view out over lofoten and there is really loud crunching in the background because someone is eating something. The crunching continues and the guy looks over to where the crunching noise is. There is another guy munching on those dried crispy fish chips. And then the camera goes back to the guy trying to enjoy the peace. Then at the end introduces lofoten islands with a punchline.




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