Food & Malt Logo/Manual Design

The final product
Brand Style Guide

My problem to solve was creating a logo in the criteria presented by the client. They wanted something that would appeal to their target audience but still stand out from their competitors.

The target group were adults 18-35 who live in the city and enjoy going out on the night scene. They care about food, culture, and appreciate good style and design.With our logo this logo I want to convey that Food & Malt also cares about having good style, are urban and trendy, and offer great food and culture.
This is my moodboard below.

I searched up bryggeri and spiseri. I got several hits of some websites I thought were appropriate competitors and wrote some thoughts on each of them.
Admundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri had a creative line of “dessert in a can” malts with stylish hipster packaging. They had nice cuisine a was very dark. Their interior style was very classic and simple. A lot of dark wood. It reminded me of a letterpress style.
Izakaya is japanese food & drink place in Oslo. They use instagram and facebook quite effectively to communicate with their customers and build trust and exposure that way. Thier accounts post a lot of comic book/martial art type pictures and some objects and items that make you think of japanese culture and cusine. They also post some of their food dishes which will give people cravings when they look for the photos and get a conviction to go there and try it sometime.
Egget in Stavanger plays on a homemade/rustic feel. They ephasize the hipster chefs and cuisine and their decor and advertising is very laid back and hand-crafted feeling. Very authentic. Their art and text use is handrawn and the way they serve their food is simple. It feels like home since nothing is over-decorated or flashy.

How I found inspiration:
After looking at the competitors profile I began getting a stronger sense of what drew our target audience in and what they appreciated. I looked up pictures on pinterest and found a few on freepik to make a moodboard for my the logo and style to roll with.

My moodboard has a lot of brick and worn wood, a black chain link fence and fun hanging moody lightbulbs. I liked the black and white look for the logo. I found a hipster chef that I used as inspiration to try and put myself in his shoes as either an employee of the place or a customer. I found quite a bit of hipster fonts that I liked which I used to help decide my own font. I included a cool 90’s style sweatshirt and some scribbly line art as well. All of these pictures held onto the mood and style that was described by the client. Hipster, letterpress, stylish.

Here are my first sketches. When creating this logo I had a hard time designing something that was “original”. I think in certain cases where you want to create the logo to have the simple/clean look like I wanted you have to accept that it’s not going to be “out there” or look like an extremely creative project. But I was very happy with what I created as it fit very well into the style expressions given and the positioning axis.
The style expressions given were: Hipster, letterpress, quality, homemade, professional. I feel confident that I captured each of these well in the logo and brand manual. The black and white is very crisp, professional and modern. The style of the text I chose was letterpress and had a handrawn feel but still clean and quality. It is traditional with a modern twist by adding a clean, square border and the seconday font which is thinner and more modern.

The requirements for the logo are:
It should be simple and easily recognizable. Timeless. Try to use no more than 3 colours. The logo may contain a symbol / figure / ornament. This is optional.
I am happy with the logo created and think it to be very fiting for the client, target audience, and the style they are going for.

This logo is timeless. It’s traditonal yet modern. The black and white are classic yet modern. The fonts chosen are hipster and letterpress and also professional and classic. It makes a statement that it is solid and strong with it’s bold font, black on white, and the square bordering it. It makes a statement that you can be masculkine while being expressive, and curvy and elegant in a way. That you can be a manly man with great taste and sense of style and appreciate the finer details.

The main type face- Back to Black- has a hand drawn look. It’s a traditional cursive font and has a letterpress feeling to it even though it’s quite clean and has some unique character. It is a bold font and it is curvy and flowing but still solid and masculine.
The accompanying font-Constantia- is traditional and slighly modern. It brings contrast to the bold, twisting Back to black by being very simple and small and tradional. I made some contrast between the two by using a thin version of this font.
I kept thinking back to the style expressions given when creating the fonts and design and when I found one I liked and was considering I went through and asked mysekf if it matched up perfectly which each of the five: Hipster, letterpress, quality, homemade, professional.

Black and White
I chose black and white because it’s timeless. It has a letterpress/newspaper feel but is also very clean and modern. It’s a professional color combo as well. I prefer the white text on black background because it is masculine and is like a chalkboard. Darker colors and moddy styles are very hipster as well.


My Personal Logo

I’m not sure if I like it better with the sun and mountains or without. I’m leaning towards without because it’s a lot simpler. My brand words are Brave, Dynamic, Instinctive, Sincere, and Thoughtful. I feel like this captures that. I chose the sun and mountains because I grew up in Utah where there are beautiful orange canyons and landscapes and the sun is always shining. I love sunshine and I want to spread sunshine wherever I go. I think Ill keep the plain version when written out but will use the sunshine logo if I go for the smaller one. I explained why I chose these colors in my previous post but I just feel like it captures me. 🙂


Brand Moodboard

Brave. Dynamic. Instinctive. Sincere. Thoughtful.

Those are the words I want my brand to be and that I feel I am to my core. These are the things I want people to think of when they think me and my brand.

I love warm, powerful colors. I love the earth and growing up in the west of the United States I have a special place in my heart for the red/orange clay canyons and rich colors. I love sunshine and happiness and making people smile. I believe in standing up for what you strongly believe in. Positivity is power.

I want my clients to look at my work and see these things. To see that if they are brave and follow their instincts and dream big and work smart and hard then they are limitless.


Consumer Profile

Create two consumer profiles for a fictional client. You are free to choose the client and the product. List the things that you think are important to include in a consumer profile and show your research.

Both my consumer clients love plants, believe in energy and are spiritual to an extent, and love decorating their home with affordable, hand-crafted pieces that breathe the loving energy in which they were made.

Inspiration for my fictional client:

That instagram account is where I collected most of my information about her as a business owner, my inspiration for my fictional client and what her audience would value when purchasing from her. Emily is a mum of 2 and has her own business selling a collection of things from crocheted clothing and bags to crystals to kits for burning sage and other witchcraft related items.

Photos are from which I subscribe to.



The instagram logo is a simple symbol. The colors are a gradient and are very bright and playful which might draw people that are friendly or outgoing, and because it’s shaped like a camera it captures the idea that Instagram is all about sharing photos to connect with others.

The Mercedes Benz logo is classy, sleek, and sharp. It is a quite simple design overall so that might suggest that their brand focuses more on efficiency and being classic versus having a lot of flare. It’s a symbol logo.

The 3 colors used in the Mastercard logo are warm and strong. The overlapping is a blending of some sort. Like how yellow and red combined make orange, it shows how versatile the card can be for many outcomes and benefits. It’s a symbol combined with a wordmark. The wordmark is all lower-case letters with a cute round look to them. Kind of childlike. I think it’s showing that even very simple people can use this and that you don’t have to have a lot of money.

iPhone Brand Identity

iPhone’s brand identity exactly as I see it: I think iPhone products are sleek and modern. I believe their technology to be very advanced and they are driven to produce fresh and efficient products and software at extremely fast rates. There is always something new being developed just around the corner. I think they are reliable and have a lot of resources and apps that are incredibly helpful and user friendly. They seem to squeeze every ounce of money they can from people and the iPhone culture is very much one of always having to have the best, new thing right as it comes out no matter the cost. I don’t believe this to be environmentally friendly or economy friendly. I think it fuels a life vision to never be satisfied enough with the things that you have. However, specifically speaking of the technology and products iPhone offers, I trust that the product will be consistent, high tech, modern, and user friendly.

The positioning of the iPhone brand seems to target those who like to feel important, who like to feel like they have the best of the best and are luxorious and those wanting to have the exclusive technology and resources that iPhone offers. People who have money or want to look like they have a lot of money.

I think the strategy for this specific product was to innovate and create technology that wasn’t accessible to the public anywhere else. Starting at ground level by having Steve Jobs ask engineers to look into touch screens since it wasn’t really available on the market yet. iPhone’s strategy is to always offer the newest tech available and consumers know this so they will happily pay more and dump their older devices even if they worked perfectly fine.

How does the visual element of the iPhone logo fit with the brand identity?

My original thoughts are that apples are predictable. If you like apples, then you’ll like just about any apple you pick up as long as it’s ripe. You know what you’re getting. It’s reliable.

I see the bite out of the apple as something that shows…

1. There are so many ideas and developments out there if we only take a bite into it and dive deeper.

2. The iPhone so far has only scratched the surface and only taken a bite and there are still unlimited amounts of resources to consume

3. iPhone is tasty and every consumer should try it, because once you take a bite, you are hooked.

How minimalist it is shows that its classy and smooth. Many versions of the logo are very glossy, gold, or other elegant colors to represent just how luxorious and sleek iPhones are. It is often reflective and flashy.

Most of all, iPhones are very easily recognizable and well known. Just the fact that the whole world knows apple and how expensive their products are gives the logo value outside of its design that states that the person with the iPhone has money, resources, and like luxury.


Understanding Ideals- H&M

What brand identity element are they using in their logo?

What do you think their brand ideal is?

How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?

Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal. 

The brand identity element that they use is their H&M logo. I wrote out a lit of what their brand ideals were in my eyes: trendy/stylish, inexpensive/sales, many options/variety, freshness, freedom to be you and dress how you want. I then researched what they wrote as their brand ideals: open-minded, straight forward, fashion + quality at the best price possible, flexible assortment of latest trends, they believe in and care about people. I agree with what they wrote and see many similarities between what I wrote and what they have announced their brand ideals to be.

They had a sign “Husk å holde avstand” displayed at the front to remind people to be cautious and that they are a store that believes in people and cares about people. They had a lot of sales going on and the prices were affordable as always. They had a large variety of products of decent quality. The clothing was a large range from very simple classic pieces to very trendy, straight-forward pieces. Fresh clothes and styles.

The customer experience fits the brand ideals well. I have been to H&M many times over the years and they are always consistent in making the customer experience like this.

The visual display of the products fits well for them. They section off areas with grouping a certain style of clothes all in one place. The sales are all together. The accessories are all together. Each area has a wide assortment of products at very reasonable prices. Each area has clother and outfits displayed on mannequins and on the wall to show how different items can be played around with and used to accent other parts of the outfits. It’s easy to navigate around the store. Overall great visual display that matches their brand ideals.


Book Cover

Design a book cover for “Animal Farm” by George Orwell: use analogous colours with a contrasting accent to express disagreement and discontent.

  • The book cover must contain the title and the author’s name.
  • You must clearly make use of colour to express the desired effects.

I used red, brown, dark yellow analogous hues with a blue accent color to contrast it and show the disagreement and that t was discontent. The red almost clay-like background I thought came into very high contrast with the blue water like color and texture. Like desert meets water. I chose this font because it looked like water or liquid that was drippy and I actually placed a water patter on the font to give it that extra effect. As I look at it now, I wonder if I would have liked a little more contrast by making either the orange hues a little lighter or the font a little brighter and slightly more teal colored. But overall I liked the classic feels that this book had. When I read I like paper books and the more rustic and used they look the more I like it usually. This is definitely a book I would personally look at and read the summary to see if I wanted to pick it up.


Color Effects in Photoshop

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing with these colors and edits. I used a pic from FreePik which I have a monthly subscription to. My favorite is probably the monochromatic one. I love how deep the red color ended up and with the adjusted levels for the contrast and I liked how her smile just popped. I enjoyed playing around with the overlays as well. The gradients for the free edit had so many different small details I look forward to playing around with.

original photo

For the flourescent duotone I made a black and white layer, changed levels for more contrast, then added the two solid color layers and adjusted opacity of them.

flourescent duotone

For the monochrome I made a black and white layer, adjusted levels a bit, then added a deep brick solid color with the overlay called: Overlay.


For the split tone I followed the same steps for the duotone just excluding the black and white layer. Looking back now I wish I added a little more orange just because it is skin and I like warmer toned skin.

split tone

For the free edit I used the gradient fill and played around with it. I used the diamond edit with a purple gradient layer and reversed it. Then I added the soft light overlay.

free edit.

Colour Therapy

Describe RGB and CMYK in your own words:

RBG. Red, green, blue. These are the different 255 different shades of color that can be seen with light and used on monitors and screens.

CMYK. On a scale of 1-100 in ink. This are the colors that are actually printable and made with ink and pigment.



Gig Poster

Design a poster for a band’s gig. The band is called: “The Keystrokes”. You can decide the name of the band’s tour and remember to include a date, a time and a venue. You can use visuals and/or typography to design the poster and remember to make the type work with the rest of the design. Show us your type skills in this one. Use an A3 format at 297 x 420mm

I wanted this to be very vibrant and stand out. I used black and white like keys on a piano. I used good contrast for readability. I like what I did with the type by stacking it vertically and using different colors, shadows, and blocks behind to make the words pop even more. I really enjoy using rays and lines draw the eye towards the type even more.

I liked what I did for the poster so much that I really wanted to stick with that composition. I thought these would make incredible stickers. Stylish, vibing, and advertising all at the same time. I thought this could even end up being a really cool album cover.